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Mar 22, 2023

How often do you say the words “we’re all on the same team” in your business?

It used to be a staple in my lexicon, even though it seemed to convey exactly what I meant.

Then recently at our team retreat, while discussing how to continue navigating the inevitable interpersonal challenges that come up on a team of this size we landed on a metaphor that felt more in alignment with how we operate.

The business is a scale… and we’re just trying to keep it in balance.

Sometimes that means people will be on opposite sides… and that is OK.


Growing a business is going to come with challenges, preparing for them so they don’t take you out along the way is part of the work we do here at Clockwork.

If you’re focused on growing your business and are looking for more resources to make sure you don’t break it, join us for our FREE training on March 28th. 

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