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Jun 1, 2022

Part of our process here at Run Like Clockwork is encouraging our students to take multiple vacations a year.

But it’s not actually about you getting a break, not that you don’t need one.


It’s about your business and team having multiple opportunities to run without you.

This is the most efficient way to highlight any gaps with your Clockworking which is why we provide a debrief call with Team RLC when you return to work. 

In this episode, you’ll get a sneak peek into a 4-Week Vacation debrief Julie recently had with clockworker Danielle Cherewky.  They discuss:

  • The limiting beliefs Danielle had to overcome to take the vacation
  • Why she doesn’t believe in the term “work family”
  • How her team stepped up during her time away

Plus they conducted a thorough debrief of her time away and identified the next steps.

It’s a really interesting look into both how the vacation can work, and how we work with our clients!


Ready to take your own 4-week vacation? Learn more about how we can help make that happen at