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Apr 20, 2022

When you don't have a team you can trust, it's impossible to step away from the business for any length of time. You're constantly being pulled back in, you can never fully unplug, and things can't move forward without you…  

But you can’t do it alone, either — finding your dream team is essential to the business no longer being dependent on YOU.


In this weeks episode Emily shares more details around:

  • Why you might be afraid to hire
  • How to attract higher-quality candidates
  • An exciting new training from us to help build your dream team!


Whether you’re making your first hire or you’ve been through the hiring process before, we want to invite you to join us at our 2-day workshop “Build Your Dream Team” workshop.

Learn all the details here:


Learn from the pros and ensure that your next hire is a number one draft pick that can go the distance!