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Dec 10, 2021

It’s true, Clockwork helps you design a business + team that runs itself... so you can take a 4-week vacation (without your business falling apart).


It’s also true that, many times, it’s not about the vacation. Many business owners start clockworking with a goal that has nothing to do with jet setting around the world.


In this week on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Adrienne talks with Clockwork rockstars and power couple, Scott + Alyssa Barlow, co-founders of Happen To Your Career which helps high achievers navigate career changes. Scott + Alyssa share about what fueled their Clockwork experience over the past year. 


In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why it’s not always about the vacation
  • How the role of the CEO evolves over time
  • Business bottlenecks and book writing
  • How there are no bonus points for trying to do it all yourself


Stick around to the end when Scott shares a fantastic update about his team, book, and record revenue month that has happened all in just 10 months!

And this is why I think it’s important to reflect and plan, because if you want to be somewhere different in 10 months than you are right now, that’s not going to happen by accident. 

And once you’re super clear on where you want to be, you have to accept that what got you here, is not going to get you there.

So, what are your goals and plans for next year?  What do you need to do differently to get there?

If your goals include anything like:

  • Increasing your profit margins
  • Expanding your team
  • Taking more time away for yourself
  • Exploring a new business idea
  • Or maybe even selling the business all together...

Then joining the Clockwork Accelerator is the thing you need to do differently.

We’ve helped 100’s of overworked entrepreneurs design their business to run itself with our proven processes and framework, and I know we can do the same for you.

You can get the full breakdown of everything the Accelerator includes here.


So if in 10 months you want to be like Scott, reflecting on an impressive list of wins, join us inside the Clockwork Accelerator now