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Jun 2, 2021

When you hear the term leader, as the CEO, you might only think of yourself. While you are one leader of your organization, you have to also be developing leaders on your team if you want to clockwork your company, continue to grow, and have your business operate without you. 


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne + Danielia dive into 3 ingredients that every strong leader needs: candor, creativity + curiosity. While this is not an exhaustive list for strong leaders, these ingredients are not so commonly talked about and are vital for you as a leader as well as developing leaders on your team.


Topics Adrienne + Danielia cover in this episode:

  • Radical Candor: where are you on the candor spectrum?
  • How being direct is kind + is a skill that can be developed or refined
  • Creativity as an efficiency tool for building a clockworked team
  • Encouraging creativity + creative solutions in your team
  • Curiosity: leading with questions + the role tone plays


These 3 ingredients that we discussed can be things you begin to develop within your team leaders as well as yourself. Developing leadership skills is the ultimate form of continuous improvement.


We would love to hear your biggest takeaway from this episode! Which of the 3 C’s will you be working on first: candor, creativity or curiosity? Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork or share inside our free Run Like Clockwork Facebook Community

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